Miss Masque

The Golden Age Miss Masque

The Golden Age Miss Masque

Miss Masque in Femforce 59

Miss Masque in Femforce 59

Originally published by Nedor/Better/Standard Comics, Miss Masque, a.k.a. Diana Adams, first appeared in “Exciting Comics” No. 51, September 1946. She also appeared in “Exciting” No’s. 52-4, “America’s Best Comics” No’s. 23-31, “Fighting Yank” No’s. 22 and 24, and “Black Terror” No. 21, with her Golden Age appearances ending in July 1949. Alex Schomburg drew her on some covers, Ralph Mayo penciled some splash pages, and Frank Frazetta inked some panels. Like many heroines of the time period, Diana Adams was a young socialite who decided to fight crime and injustice in a masked identity. She had no powers but carried guns and her original costume was a mini-skirted red dress with red hat and red gloves. Yellow double “M” emblems on her chest and hat completed the ensemble. A later costume change resulted in a bare midriff and short sleeves, as well as a new style of hat. Both her outfits had red capes. Information taken from “The Official Golden Age Hero and Heroine Directory” by Bill Black, ISBN 1-56225-017-5.

Miss Masque is one of the heroines introduced to the AC Universe after having been revived from the Vault of Heroes. In AC’ continuity, Diana Adams was a society playgirl born in Toronto, Canada, and interested in nothing more than cocktail parties, cotillions, and teas, until the day she stepped into a curio shop on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Rushing into town for Mardi Gras, she’d bought a stunning red-caped costume but had forgotten a mask. With most of the shops closed for the celebration, she had no choice but to take the strange domino mask the shopkeeper offered her, oblivious to the tale he told of it being impued with the spirit of justice. After saving the life of another partygoer during a robbery attempt, she found new meaning in her existence and began a crusade to balance the scales of justice in high society. At the age of 26, she decided to take part in the Vault project which was designed to keep the crimefighters and heroes of those relatively peaceful years in a state of suspended animation until their services were again needed. For over 40 years she resided in Dr. Weir’s Vault to be re-animated when the Femforce needed her help to combat the menace of the Shroud.

Drawing by Ed Coutts

Drawing by Ed Coutts

With her honey blonde hair and hazel eyes, this fair-skinned adventuress is a crack shot and a proficient hand to hand fighter.

Bright and personable, with a sharp wit and a low boiling point, she is quick thinking and innovative. She learns from her mistakes and seldom makes the some one twice, as evidenced by the steel plate in her hat to protect her from getting blackjacked into unconsciousness.

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